Captive Spirits Distilling sold it's first bottle in February 2011. Ben Capdevielle, founder & distiller, began distilling as a hobby with his father, Jim. Jim had learned how to distill from his father, Ted. Hence, a legacy was born, where Ben took it from a hobby to a job. After 10 years behind bars & kitchens, he started making Big Gin, named aptly from his father's nickname of "Big Jim."

Made in Seattle, Washington among the shipyards of Ballard & the now bustling bar scene, our juniper forward gin comes to life from two 100-gallon Vendome pot stills. 

Thank you to all, friends & strangers, who have come to love and adore our American made dry gin. 

IN OTHER NEWS: We have moved our distillery to our new home in the shipyard: 1138 Ewing Street Suite C Seattle, WA 98119. Thank you for your patience as we transition. We plan on reopening the distillery to visitors Spring 2017. Thank you!